Saturday, October 15, 2005

What is it with Snails?

What is it with kids and snails? I think they are disgusting, and would rather not have them in my yard, eating our plants. The kids, however, have a different opinion. Nothing makes them happier than finding a huge escargot-sized snail - a "mamma" or a "pappa". If they also can find a few smaller "babies"... well, hey - we've got ourselves a family!

Actually, I really should feel sorry for the poor snails. They are taken care of by A & B, generally immersed in a bucket of water so they won't get thirsty. If a drowning snail should finally make it to the side of the bucket and slime his way up to relative safety, either A or B is likely to spot him and put him back in the water "with his friends." Maybe we should wait before getting a pet...

Monday, September 12, 2005

Our little mouse

We seem to have a little mouse these days. Every time we put C to bed, he has to sneak out at least 15 times to see what's up. He tries different tactics, though, to break things up. One night, he came out stark naked, while B & A were reading. It was so hard not to laugh... so we did... which guaranteed that he would come out three more times, naked, hoping for the same response.

Other times, he says he is "poopy", which is hard to distinguish from his word for sleeping ("peepy"). Silly mom - why would he sneak out of his room to tell me he was sleeping - I should be able to figure it out from context! Anyway, he must save it up because he can usually manage to poop in at least one, and sometimes two, diapers before he falls asleep.

"Me pee" is another popular excuse, though it has become less common as we just put him back in the bed.

The times I really find the hardest to keep a straight face on are the ones where he sneaks out and just stands somewhere, quietly, waiting for somebody to notice. I go in to check on the kids and A is sound asleep, but I can't see in C's bed. I pat around a little to determine that there really isn't anyone there, then start looking around. There he is, behind the piano bench, behind the rocker, behind the door, just waiting for me to notice and put him straight back to bed. I can't believe he can be so quiet!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My First Blog

How boring is that? Well, I guess you have to start somewhere. A rainy day on Sandhamn seemed like a good place to begin, with two kids off biking and one sleeping...

Swedish summer can be such a fleeting concept.

Instead, I will write about the kids.

Benjamin's favorite word is bajskorv, or poop sausage. He must say it a thousand times a day. We kind of overlooked it the past month, since nobody in the US could understand what he was saying. But now that we are back in Sweden, it is time to get serious!