Monday, July 23, 2007

A Bad Head Day

Perhaps a more appropriate title would be "The Three Hour Vacation".

Annika - We started our vacation packing everything for Sandhamn. Benjamin got angry with Annika and threw a set of keys at her. Direct hit, in the head, blood and tears all around.

And then...

Christopher - I arrived on Sandhamn by ferry with 5 bikes plus Leonor and Gustav (after David had taken the kids and Christer on the Two Step with a boatload of other stuff). Christopher spied his bike right away and jumped on it, thankfully with a helmet. Not ten seconds later, he slipped on the gravel and did a faceplant. He sobbed, his tears making streaks in the dirt on his face, and we inspected his head for yet another bruise/scrape/bump.

But then...

Benjamin - managed to trip on the stairs into the Dykarbaren, and - despite having a bike helmet on - slammed his forehead into the stone steps. He didn't get a large cut, but it was deep and bloody. So... three hours after arriving on Sandhamn, Benjamin and I were on the next ferry back, mopping blood, eating a chocolate muffin, calling emergency rooms, and trying to look inconspicuous with blood running down his face. Thanks to the efforts of the rådgivning telephone line, we managed to find Nacka närsjukhus 40 minutes prior to closing, so we were in, glued and taped, and out in mere minutes. Of course, the last ferry had long since departed, so B & I ended up back at home, in our own beds, for the first night of our holiday. At least he will have matching scars - one on each side of his forehead.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Holes in Your Eyes

Just got back from the US, and Benjamin seems to suffer jet lag the worst of all. He woke up at midnight, and I was in bed with him from 12 to 3:30, hoping in vain that he would drift off to sleep again. As we lay there, whispering in the dark, he said,

"Mamma, did you know that the black things in your eyes are holes?"


"Yep! Do you know what they are for? They let the people you like into your heart so they can stay there. You're in there, Mamma, 'cause I like you."

And then he started listing off all the other people he had in his heart.