Saturday, October 15, 2005

What is it with Snails?

What is it with kids and snails? I think they are disgusting, and would rather not have them in my yard, eating our plants. The kids, however, have a different opinion. Nothing makes them happier than finding a huge escargot-sized snail - a "mamma" or a "pappa". If they also can find a few smaller "babies"... well, hey - we've got ourselves a family!

Actually, I really should feel sorry for the poor snails. They are taken care of by A & B, generally immersed in a bucket of water so they won't get thirsty. If a drowning snail should finally make it to the side of the bucket and slime his way up to relative safety, either A or B is likely to spot him and put him back in the water "with his friends." Maybe we should wait before getting a pet...