Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Prinses Uroru gos tu Afrika

(This is Annika's story for Grandma)

Ther was wuns a prinses and hur namm wus Uroru and she wus a rili biudufol prinses.! and she livd in a biudufol kasol. And she was 9 years old. And wun nit Uroru hurd her mom and her dad takin ubawt goin to Afriku and tehen she kam rasin dawn teh sters and sed I dont wunt to go to Afriku Uroru sed. But wi haf to sed mom we ar goin tumaro sed dad I dont wunt to Uroru sed. Kin David sed at last win he wok up teh sam tim Qin Leigh sed Uroru its tim olredi sed Uroru. And tenin teha wint. And win Uroru and Kin David and Qin Leigh wor an teh erplan Uroru mad a frind and his namm was Mark and Mark wus veri smart. And win thei got of the erplan thei had tu sei good bai and the did. And win hur dad and hur mum wur slipin and then she klim out the windo and bfor she noo it she wus in a humugngis junggol. And then she met a gurl and hur namm wus Annika and she wus veri nis and she brot Uroru tu har trihaws and ther wus Mark. And then theai gru upp and then Mark and Uroru got marid and then thei livd hapli evur aftor.

Uroru = Aurora

Still Life with Fruit

What names do children typically give their artwork? Probably not "Still Life with Fruit", but maybe at least something about the picture itself... Our creative Benjamin has given the following titles to his latest 5 watercolors:

"Footprints of tjuvs (theives) - you must hop over this. Move back and forth so the bad guys don't get you."

"Mamma - a frogman, puddle, duckie-moose, grass and part of the wind"

"A sky monster blowing a pipe - and then a cat bited it on its butt."

"Benjamin and Christopher when they were monkeys. They will eat the pear, the k├Âttbulle and the apple."

"The baby stuck its head up out of a hole and a monster saw it. The mama named the baby Christopher. Please go over to a man and if you see a monster then go like this to smush is toes. You must hop backwards a lot of times like this - 1-2-3."

Reality anyone?