Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Still Life with Fruit

What names do children typically give their artwork? Probably not "Still Life with Fruit", but maybe at least something about the picture itself... Our creative Benjamin has given the following titles to his latest 5 watercolors:

"Footprints of tjuvs (theives) - you must hop over this. Move back and forth so the bad guys don't get you."

"Mamma - a frogman, puddle, duckie-moose, grass and part of the wind"

"A sky monster blowing a pipe - and then a cat bited it on its butt."

"Benjamin and Christopher when they were monkeys. They will eat the pear, the k├Âttbulle and the apple."

"The baby stuck its head up out of a hole and a monster saw it. The mama named the baby Christopher. Please go over to a man and if you see a monster then go like this to smush is toes. You must hop backwards a lot of times like this - 1-2-3."

Reality anyone?

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