Sunday, April 18, 2010

Third Place!

Annika goes back and forth on football - one day it is in favor, the next out of favor. Right now, we're in an "in favor" phase, and she is really enjoying practicies. Of course, now that the temps are above freezing, I can see that outdoor practice is more attractive. She had her first "cup" of the season - an all day series of matches, hosted by her team - Stockan. And the highlights - she SCORED A GOAL and they came in at third place.

Of course, with riding three times a week, taking care of a horse (Enita) two times a week, football practice three times a week, guitar once a week... there's not much free time left. But right now, I don't think I could convince her to miss anything, so we'll just have to see how it goes. At least the homework load this year is mostly English, so she is coasting through.

Monday, April 05, 2010

A Picture I Couldn't Get...

After a day of skiing, we were relaxing... me with a book, Annika hanging out in her room, and Christopher playing outside (David and Benjamin were off swimming). I looked out and Christopher was there - in his long underwear, rain boots, mittens and sunglasses, wielding a pair of kitchen tongs, and having the time of his life. I don't know whether he was battling imaginary aliens or fending off the dark forces of the Force, but he was completely engaged (as only he can be). I love his six-ness - his ability to imagine and create - and just be. Toys are really not that important - kitchen tongs will do, and one of his favorite toys has been a tiny wooden easel from my office. Think of the possibilities - kitchen tongs can be a sword, a gun, a light saber - and they are just plain useful as well. A wooden easel can be a plane, spaceship - who knows what?

I asked him if I could take his picture (there was no way to sneak one without his knowing) but he refused. Bummer.

Facebook Faux Pas

Annika borrowed my computer today to go on Facebook - and started exchanging comments with a friend from her class. Turns out this friend is moving, and leaving the school. So she started messaging him - "Are you glad to go?" to which he responded (surprisingly) yes. "So you won't miss us" she replied, "So you are glad to leave the class", she pushed, and then again, "So you won't miss X, Y and Z?" she pushed again...

When I came into the room, she proudly showed me the exchange - having fun with a guy on Facebook. I reacted pretty strongly - gossip-mongering, gathering the negatives, talking about others behind their backs - would she want the whole class to see the exchange? She was extremely defensive, though she did delete her last comment and shut down. I reminded her that comments live forever in the electronic world. She disappeared into her room and stayed there for an hour, doing nothing but thinking. Then after some games, dinner, etc, she came back to admit that I was right (shocker) and was a bit worried about whether the exchange might be viewed by others (doubtful, thankfully).

I need to remember this about my daughter. She has a good head on her shoulders - it just takes her a while to find it at times... and some things just take a lot of processing time. I need to say my piece and then back off - she will find her way in the end, and a very good way it will be.

Newsflash - Grapes are Good!

Yes, after 6 years, Christopher has finally eaten a grape. A GREEN grape. And he LIKED it - will wonders never cease? My child, who refuses anything green, for whom a green pea is a personal insult, who has never wondered why his siblings are fighting it out for the last cucumber slice, who must have all garnishes removed from his plate before his food can be consumed - yes, my child has actually eaten something green. And enjoyed it.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Fort Day

Kramsnö is Swedish for "hugging snow" - the stuff that sticks together. Since it is so late in the season, the snow was perfect for snow forts. We had an igloo maker - a mold to make bricks for igloos - that we had never tried, so Benjamin and I gave it a shot. Pretty cool!