Saturday, April 15, 2006

Skiing, part II

Wow - another skiing holiday - this time with a little skiing for the parents!

First, it felt so wonderful to be driving up to the slopes with three "bigger" children. They sat happily for the first 250 km, sharing crayons, looking at books, and generally cooperating in ways I have never seen. A few kids songs were enough to smooth any conflicts - wow! Of course, there was the second 250 km...

We - the kids and I - managed to arrive, check in, rent skis, buy food, check in for lessons and transport four pairs of skis and boots back to the condo. We even had a lively meal at the local pizzeria. Wow - didn't know it was possible!

So... what was awesome about this holiday...

1) It was a real hill, not a mesa with a few runs down the side.
2) Everyone, including C, enjoyed the skiing. C was a real trooper, not wanting to be left behind. He was extremely proud of himself, skiing for about an hour until he was so exhausted he just put his head down on the snow, resting upside down like a tiny tripod.
3) They had a babysitting service for ALL the kids - which meant D and I actually skied together, or could have in theory... but it was hard to pass up a chance to have A with us.
4) They had "tidlig ski" so one of us (me!) could ski from 7-9 in the morning, on one run, before the rest of the mountian opened.
5) There was SO MUCH SNOW - we could hardly get into our condo. The kids couldn't get out by themselves, but had to be helped out of the hole we had for a door.

I'm ready for more - but spring is here - finally!

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