Friday, August 04, 2006

Lubbock - a Vacation Paradise

This was not the way I planned the summer - 8 weeks in the Embassy Suites. But... it has actually turned out pretty well for the children despite circumstances. So why is Lubbock a vacation paradise?

1) We can count on hot sunshine, every day, without fail. No rain (despite a public prayer session that attracted national news), no cold weather - just blue skies and sun. I guess that after a few Swedish summers - which can be a contradiction in terms - we forgot to expect heat and sun!

1a) A sauna is not required after a swim. The kids are still looking for the sauna at every pool, just like at home, but with 100+ temps, standing outside is plenty good!

2) Lubbock has great outdoor activities. Outdoor parks like our neighborhood Wagner has been "remodeled" and even includes spinning chairs that work so well, the kids can't stop spinning! Legacy Village is an extensive play area, and there's even a water amusement park that we haven't even tried!

3) The local wildlife is plentiful and interesting. We got to stand in a field surrounded by cows - a first for me, too! I have never felt so watched.

4) And then there's the indoor stuff to do - camps and such, that don't exist in Sweden. I almost forgot about all the summer daycamps I used to do with the museum, church, YWCA, etc., and they're still there. Even better, the Science Spectrum offers exciting classes for kids from 3 to 12 that I would love to sign up for myself. Annika did "The Science of Games" for two days, and the boys did the open days - what fun!

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