Saturday, December 01, 2007


For the fall break, we decided to spend a few days in Switzerland, and then a few at Disneyland in Paris. Lessons learned?

I will NEVER again go to Disneyland without first checking the French holiday schedule.

That said, we had a wonderful time. Highlights included:

  • Annika saying, at the end of a long walk around a reservoir in Switzerland, "Wow, that was really fun!"

  • The children learning French... or trying... and getting a kick out of "Ca va?" to which Christopher replied "Vache". "How's it going?" "Cow."

  • The hot springs at Levey les Bains

  • The pumpkin men at Disneyland

  • Crush's Coaster (a hit with all except David, who didn't like hurtling through the dark, sideways.)

Of course, Norwegian Air Shuttle almost ruined the whole thing by calling us on Wednesday, while we were on the train from Switzerland to Paris, to say that our Saturday flight had been cancelled, and we were rebooked - tomorrow. Right. Like try to explain that one to the kids. "Sorry, but we will give up a pre-paid hotel room, pre-paid entrance tickets, and the whole Disney part of the trip - just to catch our discount flight." Thank goodness SAS had low priced one-ways!

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