Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When a Phone Just Won't Do...

...but unfortunately, that was all we had. Yes, I had misplaced the camera... Though I usually carry it in my purse all the time, at some point I decided that the weight and space was just too much, so I took it out and put it... well... that was the problem. Where? So we spent the weekend without the camera. Here's what we missed (but captured on our camera phones) -

Benjamin's first innebandy match - and really, his first match ever. He won't play a "real" match in soccer/football for another year, so this was it. His team played a mini-tournament, and won the first two of three games. And an important note - he is actually wearing the safety glasses. Way to go!

And Annika's 9th birthday party. Somehow with the start of school and all the other activities, we missed organizing a birthday party for Annika, so we had it this weekend. It was a disco party for her class - soooo grown up! The highlights -
  • For a disco party, nobody really wanted to dance all that much. A tip I got from the web proved to be the saving element of the dancing - we hooked up our (rarely used) video camera to the TV so the kids could see themselves dance, real-time. Very cool, even though it was only in black-and-white (for some unknown technical reason).

  • The best game turned out to be a "guess who I am" game with cards stuck in headbands. The kids had to guess who was on their foreheads by asking questions of others - am I an animal? Am I a boy or girl? Do I have special powers? etc. I think it got off to a good start when one of the girls got Harry Potter and one of the boys got Tingaling (Tinkerbell).

  • Annika's presents were not toys - a real first. She got Hello Kitty makeup and perfume (strawberry and blueberry scent - sounds sticky to me) and Snoopy bath soap. Plus a few Hello Kitty t-shirts and a couple of books (Kitty = Nancy Drew).
So... that's it for the pics. Just goes to show you that a camera-phone is no match (yet) for a real camera, though it is better than nothing. (And I have now found my phone - so we're good to go!)

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