Friday, April 10, 2009

The New Nils

When Benjamin was three, he was in daycare with Nils. Nils was a bigger boy, and popular, and Benjamin looked up to him. Over the past three years, Nils stories have made their way into our family history. Despite the fact that Benjamin and Nils rarely played together, Benjamin seemed full of information about Nils, his family, and his escapades.
I guess it is really an issue of conversation and wanting to participate that kept Nils in our day-to-day lives. Benjamin wants so much to be a part of things, yet lacks the life experiences for really interesting stories and comments. His active imagination doesn't really work on himself - we all know too well what he has done - or not done - to be taken in by a story. But Nils... Nils has been a character in all kinds of adventures.
Despite the fact that Nils and Benjamin have not been in the same school for 2 years, the stories have continued. Until now... and we have Marcel... the new Nils.
I am sure we have a writer in the making...

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