Monday, July 20, 2009

Put to the Test

The boys have given up on socks for the summer. Benjamin has been sticking with his Crocs, which are practical in some ways, not in others... and Christopher has been wearing any and all of his shoes barefoot. So I decided it was time to get serious about sandals - Keenes - for both of them. Christopher was, typically, very excited to have something new to wear... and Benjamin was, typically, reluctant to consider the prospect. But by the time we tried them on and they both did a race around REI, they were sold. Blue (or Newport) for Benjamin, green (or Pine) for Christopher.

Within 12 hours, the shoes had been put to the test - rock climbing in Garden of the Gods club, exploring the Cliff Dwellings, stomping on the ground during the Indian dances, trudging through the muck at the end of the lake - and finally, testing the premise that the shoes are indeed machine washable. (They are!)

And by the way, the fish they "caught" was pretty dead... Benjamin swore it was swimming, but given the stench (and the stench of the shoes) it is doubtful. But they are happy!

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