Thursday, October 01, 2009


A few months ago, we lost a set of car keys... my set, to be exact. I'm sure it wasn't me, however, who lost them. Really.

Anyway, we survived for many months with one set, but it was a problem. David seems to put things in his pockets and forget about them. The next day, pocket contents shift from one pair of pants to the other - say Sunday jeans to Monday business suits - and with those contents went the car keys, several times. The car keys were very well travelled, taking at least three Monday morning trips to Helsinki in David's pockets. Of course, I would go out on these Monday mornings, ready to load the threesome in the car for the three-school drop-off... only to find myself without keys. The kids thought it was quite exciting to be dropped off by taxi, and then I would pop over to the local Statoil to find the cheapest rental possible to get us through pick-up.

Getting a new set of keys wasn't easy. I don't technically own the car, for no really good reason, but that means I don't have the right to request new keys. And getting David to find the time to go to the dealer took months. But finally, in August, we managed to get a new set of two keys - one each.

So last night, we were looking for extra toothbrushes in the basket under the bathroom sink... and there it was, the missing key. How it found its way there is beyond me... and of course, now it serves no purpose since the car has been rekeyed. But it is nice to know that what's lost is found.

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