Monday, February 22, 2010


I hate to say it, but I'm a bit disappointed in the Swedes. This is supposed to be the no-bad-weather-only-bad-clothing place. We turned up for Benjamin's class sledding event on Saturday in high winds, blowing snow and -15C, only to find that only 3 other families braved the elements. Score one for the Texans.

And today, with the thermometer reading a balmy -23C, the city has fallen apart. Commuter trains are not running over ground, only the tunnelbana is going, and even that is late, at best. No replacement busses. No trains to Göteborg. No trains from Uppsala. You can't get through to the taxis.

Benjamin's class should have had an ice skating event this morning, but when we turned up, we were the only ones there. Cancelled, due to the cold. Score two for the Texans (who bought the good clothing).

I must say, I am surprised - I thought this would be normal for the Swedes (though there is an unusual amount of snow on the ground).

Spring should be interesting... we may have to shovel our backyard to avoid a flood. When all this snow melts - and the ground is still frozen - I don't know where it will go. With the amount they have salted and sanded, we will all be sitting in one giant mud puddle.

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