Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Man with a Mission

I married a wonderful man - sometimes I get reminded of just how wonderful. Like getting things done. Give David a list, and he is a man with a mission. No obstacles can deter him from checking off the boxes on his list until everything is done and complete. My list is more of a guideline - a nice-to-do but full of things that don't always get done. But if a task makes it to his list, then it will be checked. Period.

A couple of weeks ago, it was haircuts for the boys and football shoes for Benjamin. Check and check, complete with green and blue hairspray. And yes, it meant that he had to brave the mall on Sunday afternoon, but it was done (plus about 5 other things on his list).

The other night, I had a meeting so I left him to cook dinner. We have a new service - Middagsfrid - that delivers groceries and recipies for four dinners on Monday afternoon. Of course, the recipes are in Swedish, but he enlisted Annika and his favorite service - Google translate - and I came home to find him chopping veggies next to his laptop, the rest of dinner simmering happily away on the stove.

Of course, not speaking Swedish (after 10 years) is a bit of a hardship, especially if you're not that observant. Last week he went grocery shopping (check) and came home with chick peas. "Are you in the mood for hummus?" I asked. Nope. He just thought it was corn. And then he bought pasta stuffed with goat cheese and carmelized onions... which was not a big hit with the masses. But he's not shy, and if something unusual is on the list (cornstarch, for example), he will have every woman in the grocery store helping him to translate and find just what he needs. (cornstarch, check).

He's away this week for a whole week... fortunately an unusual occurrence. We will all be happy to see him again next week!

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