Sunday, June 06, 2010

Friday - Annika's Disco

Annika's class will be split up after 4th grade. Right now, 4A (Annika's class) and 4B are at Stocksundskolan, 4C and 4D at Långängen. 4A (except for Annika) has been together since kindergarten. For 5th and 6th grade, the classes will be mixed up, and all at Stocksundskolan. Annika loves her current class, and wanted to have a final 4A disco. In all the final parties, school picnics and birthday parties, it happened to work out for Friday night.

The disco was a huge hit. We bought Just Dance for Wii, and the kids had a great time dancing together. The girls did a couple of turns, and then the guys got a chance - but the girls picked "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" - and what good sports they were! (It probably helped that there was competition involved...) Check out the video on youtube (and the guy on the right is Annika's boyfriend!).

And the weather cooperated as well, so the 22 kids were both in and out, all evening. It's a great age - one minute sophisticated pre-teens and the next minute on the swings and slides. David bought an outdoor fireplace which was a major hit - the kids thought it was great fun to grill their own hot dogs, though our marshmellow grilling "event" lasted a mere 3 minutes. We almost ended up with too many on the trampoline, but the kids seem to know the boundaries now, so we didn't even have to manage that.

And then the last 5 minutes... one boy was chasing another, and the first fell on his shoulder. He was in a lot of pain, his mom came, and we ended up calling for an ambulance. First time for me to call 1-1-2 (remarkably efficient) and the first - and hopefully the last - time parents came to pick up their children from our house to find an ambulance in the drive. It turned out to be a broken collar bone, so in 2-4 weeks, he will be back in action again.

Of course, I went to the boy's house to stay with his two sleeping little sisters while his mom waited for the ambulance and went on to the hospital. David was left to deal with the rest of the kids, their parents, the clean-up, the ambulance, the crying girls (it got a bit emotional), our boys... Fortunately Leonor was there, as well as one of the other moms who stayed. (Parents who turn up at our parties will be put to work - a warning...)

Aside from the last five minutes (which put a bit of a damper on things) it was a great event. The kids were awesome, we had no problems (until the aforementioned last 5 minutes), the kids had fun - and we did as well. A full set of pictures are here.

4A Disco

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