Friday, March 16, 2012

The Dreaded Fourth Place

Annika, Christopher and I headed to Crans-Montana for a quick weekend - the kids signed up for the ski race, the Trophée du Mont Lachaux. It was a fun race, full of first-timers, but a real tuck-from-the-top downhill/Super G speed race. They had different categories - teams, parent-child, couples, and individual. I was originally signed up for the parent-child category with Annika, but was delighted when she let me off the hook to do an individual race instead.

Christopher was pretty confused by the whole ski racing thing. Before his start, he kept asking, "So I go by myself? Just me?" even though we explained it to him a thousand times. I think he imagined some kind of a running race, with all the kids starting in one big group, elbowing each other out of the way as they tried to take the lead. And it was a bit like that for the teams... but not for the individuals.

So the results? Annika won her class both days... but on Saturday, she was the only one in her class, and on Sunday she was one of two. She isn't so excited for me to share this information, but I think it takes guts to be the only one - so a win all around.

Christopher was 9th of 11 the first day, but once he figured it out, he finished.... 4th on the second day. Could it be worse? Fourth again? According to Christopher, 4th is the worst of all possible places, since you don't get anything, no medal, no recognition, nothing. But he quickly got over it and started planning for how he will come in better than 4th on the next running race.

And the overall race? "Why do they call it the Trophée if you don't get a trophy?" Christopher wanted to know. So now we have to find a race or a competition that actually gives out trophies.

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