Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is it Dangerous?

A few months ago, I thought Benjamin would never get off the food chain. His questions -"What do lions eat? What do dragons eat? What do dinosaurs eat?" - seemed continuous. Now, of course, I'm longing for those days. At least the answers were simpler.

Today's question - "Is it dangerous to...?" and then, "Could you die?" A few samples...

Is it dangerous to...
  • get bitten by a crab?
  • breathe fur?
  • put ... in your eye?
  • fall off a chair lift?
  • get run over by a car?
Of course, some of the answers are, "Yes - you could die." But somehow that one doesn't really sink in... We have talked about heaven, and he is pretty convinced that it will be great... so what's the problem?

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