Friday, March 23, 2007

Nouvelle Cuisine á la Benj

Today, Benjamin offered to cook dinner for me and Christopher. I was busy in the yard, and thought I would just let him have the run of the kitchen. After all, what would it be but a bit of a mess and some wasted food. And truly, surprisingly, it wasn't that bad!

First, Benjamin got off on a roll with some banana bread that I had baked earlier. He sliced it and put it neatly on plates (with a knife artfully stabbed into the middle like a large birthday candle) and served it outside to me and Christopher (who was sort of helping with the raking).

Filled with the joy of his success, he then branched off in new directions. After a few minutes, he brought me a drink - water with fresh-squeezed tomato, seeds and all. Actually, it was quite refreshing, and I tried to just enjoy the new taste and not think about when he last washed his hands...

And then, his piéce de la resistance - cabbage and garlic. He had carefully taken small pieces of cabbage leaves, arranged them neatly in the center of a plate, topped them with a garlic clove (unpeeled) and zapped the whole thing in the microwave. Also surprisingly tasty, though I did give the unpeeled clove a miss. He even got his two cents in by admonishing me about the proper use of a fork and knife - see - he was listening!

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