Thursday, September 18, 2008

And I Missed It...

Annika's soccer team had a match last night, and it was quite an exciting game. The Stockan coaches noticed that the opposing side had a risky strategy of passing the ball back to their own goalie so that she could take possession and throw it deep into the field. Tied 2-2 towards the end of the match, Annika was right there when one of the opposing team's passes back to their own goalie didn't quite make it, so she gave it a hard kick and made the final point, winning the game 3-2!

Of course, I know this second-hand, because I wasn't there. David and the boys were watching the game while I was home, watching a "webinar" - an internet video broadcast on search engine optimization. Though I did learn a lot, and though I did have an epiphany of sorts for the search marketing for ABC Leksaker, I'm still bummed that I didn't see it happen. I have been there for almost every match... and almost every loss... just not the one big win. (The picture is actually from another win this season - and I was there!)

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