Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Fish are Back!

And better than ever!

Yes, the aquarium came back last week, and so far - no casualties! In fact, it is truly better than ever. This time, I took Benjamin to the aquarium store so that he could pick his own fish, and make the aquarium more truly "his". Now that it is no longer in his room (see aquatic disaster), it is more of a family thing, so it was important for him to leave his mark, so to speak. Anyway, we wandered through a maze of tanks in the basement shop, splashing through puddles on the floor, looking at fish after fish. We finally ended up with:
  • Several Guppies (so hearty, how can you go wrong with them - and they might even have babies, an added plus... or not...)
  • 2 Black Angel Fish (which are not especially friendly, but shouldn't eat any neighbors... unlike the Siamese Fighting Fish which do, and which I was able to dissuade Benjamin from getting)
  • 5 Dalmation Fish (white with black spots - the kids love how they bang their heads into leaves they are eating)
  • 3 see-through fish (where you see everything, bones, innards, and all... if you could actually see them, but they are so shy, we never see them)
  • 3 bottom cleaners (which are very energetic, and fun to watch)
  • 3 algae eaters (which are much smaller and more energetic than the last ones we had)
  • and a school of neon fish, always fun to have.

But then we noticed that some of the tanks had other things in them... and we asked what we could have - besides fish - and got:

  • 2 shrimp
  • 1 water frog (which we see about once every 3-4 days)
  • 1 water snail (which hasn't moved, not once... so I wonder...)
  • 1 crab - who is the hit of the tank. He hid for several days, but has finally come out and is great fun to watch. This evening, he even climbed up to the top of the filter and hung out in the fresh air - taking a break from the day-to-day in the water, I guess.
So we are really happy with the tank so far, and the kids are fascinated. Having it in the main room is much better, and we all spend quite a bit of time each day, searching for the shy ones, watching the antics of the others, and feeding them... just a little... really... once a day.

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