Saturday, December 06, 2008

Officially Five!

Poor Christopher has a mid-summer birthday, and one that falls in the same month (June) as Benjamin's. Last year, we never managed to organize a party for him with all the school finishing ceremonies and summer vacation... but he never forgot. So FINALLY he got his party on Saturday - nearly six months late - but better late than never!
We rented the local swimming pool, not the big one where the party has to compete with a few hundred other kids, but the little one where we had the whole thing to ourselves. It was perfect - and what a haven on a cold and rainy (and muddy) day. I had no idea what energy could come from 10 small boys and 2 smallish girls. Actually, the girls played quietly in one corner of the pool while the 10 boys splashed, jumped, dove, balanced, climbed and swam in the rest. The kids played so hard in the pool that when we said it was time to come out, they all came immediately, without protest. I think they were just so tired...

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