Sunday, December 14, 2008

While Visions of Sugarplums...

We came home from a night out to find Benjamin, asleep in his Santa hat. I'm sure the dreams were excellent!
In case you are interested, Christmas is already here, if you go by Benjamin's Christmas calendar. I bought each of the children an open-each-day-get-a-piece-of-chocolate-calendar, explained the concept, and then let them decide how they wanted to do it. Annika is - of course - sticking with the program, a piece a day. Benjamin and Christopher lasted a week before they started delving into the future. Benjamin finished his last piece -the 18th - today. Christopher has a few left, but is a bit unclear on the numbers past 10, so I don't expect his to last much longer. At least we won't have to take them with us on holiday!

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