Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting the Holiday

Today didn't get off to the best of beginnings - seems as though everyone turned up at exactly the same time to catch the lift, and with all the ski school kids getting priority, we had a long wait. Christopher has the worst time - how claustrophobic it must be to stare at a sea of mid-sections. But he and Annika managed to find a bit of space where they could sit, and he begged to have his picture taken.
The rest of the day was awesome. Great snow, great skiing, and fun with the whole family, plus two - Simon and Daniel. Keeping track of seven was not an easy task, and trying to get us all on the lifts relatively together, coupled with the French queueing system, made for some real challenges.

But all in all, a great day. And 5 more to go and sun on the way!
I'll add this picture of Christopher from our Christmas holiday - one afternoon when he fell asleep on two chairs in the bar at the bottom of the hill. Like father like son!

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