Sunday, March 01, 2009

Feast or Famine

Annika reads... occasionally... but not usually with a passion. She likes fantasy, and I think if she was a couple of years older, Harry Potter would have been her series, the one that would take her from being an every-now-and-again reader to a when-is-the-next-one-coming-out reader. "Bella, the Bunny Fairy" and the other fairy books held her interest for a while, but nothing compelling.

Last week, we were on holiday in Switzerland, and I handed her a new book - Inkheart - that I had found online. I was pretty doubtful she would get past the first page... it is over 500 pages, and in English, which is not her reading language of choice. And the grade level was listed as 4-8, a bit ahead of where she is. But once she read the first page, she was hooked. She enjoyed the skiing, but longed to get home and read again. She took the book to bed with her, and came out every half hour to report on her progress. She has now finished about a third of the book, and is so proud of herself - and I'm proud of her, too. Even better - there are two more in the series, and several others by the same author - so we're set for a while.

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