Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The First of Many...

...games, I mean. Victories, I wish.

Annika had her first "cup" match, where several teams compete, have play-offs and receive awards, all in one afternoon. Efficient but long. It started at 2 on a gray Sunday afternoon and finished at 8. Six hours of 15-minute matches. Whew.

I was hoping they wouldn't be in last place... so hoping that they would at least win one game... and they did! They won their first match and got off to a good start, finishing in third place. (Annika is reading the post as I write, and points out that there were eight total teams, just so you readers wouldn't think there were only three!) She came home proudly wearing her first football (soccer) medal and a big smile. (Annika is the one in the middle.)

David and I did half duty each - I watched the first half of the day, and then we traded places. We have another cup in three weeks, and then an "overnight" football camp - all pre-season. I hate to think what our schedule will be in May, and what it will be a few years from now, when all three children are involved. But for now, it is fun to figure out the system and great to have a winning team!

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