Monday, March 30, 2009

Expanding his Vocabulary

I hadn't realized how sheltered my children are - in English. Benjamin and I are on a ski weekend with my friend Gaelle and her two boys, one a few months older than he is, one a few months younger.

As we drove from the airport to the house (2+ hours) the boys got acquainted in the back seat. After exploring DS games and comparing levels, talk soon turned (as it does with little boys) to bodily functions. After much discussion, they determined that what Benjamin calls a "toot" (a word chosen by David and myself) is really a "fart". However, the descriptions of that particular bodily function so that all could understand and agree on the concept were quite hysterical.

I am pleased to report that by the end of the weekend, Benjamin's English vocabulary will surely include fart, testicle and vagina. Precisely what any self-respecting 7-year-old needs to know!

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