Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of School

A bit belated, but here it is - the first day of school (in August)... surely a sign of the chaos of the fall that it has taken me almost a month to post the picture.

Notable details:
  • Annika - age 10, starting 4th grade at Stocksundsskolan. Favorite books - anything by Cornelia Funke (author of Inkheart and more). Favorite activity - anything to do with horses. Rides twice a week, taking a course to be a hästskötare (horse carer - responsibility for a horse 2 days a week). Activities - horseback riding, soccer, guitar.
  • Benjamin - age 8, starting 1st grade at Danderyds Montessori. Creativity unleashed. Concentration untamed. Loves watching absolutely anything on TV. Loves fishing. Spends spare time imagining traps for "bad guys". Favorite books - Bernstein Bears on Vacation. Activities - horseback riding, soccer, golf.
  • Christopher - age 6, starting kindergarden (förskoleklassen) at Stocksundsskolan. Loves Star Wars. Training to be a Jedi warrior when not playing football/soccer. Favorite books - Kasper spelar fotboll (Casper plays soccer) and Harold and the Purple Crayon. Activities - soccer, swimming.

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