Monday, September 07, 2009

No Swimming Today

Christopher is so close to swimming... so very, very close... that we decided to sign him up for swimming lessons this fall.

First hurdle - choosing the right level. Can he really float on both front or back (the requirements for level 2) or should he really be in level 1 (which is just one step above having parents in the water with the child). He doesn't willingly float on his back... but he doesn't need me either, so we go for Level 2.

Second hurdle - choosing the class. Do we go for the "max of 5 students per teacher" or the "up to 15 students per teacher"? Option 1 is more than twice the price of option 2... but we go for that, assuming that he will get a better push and more individual instruction.

Then comes the first day. Level 2 is right, but Option 1? Seems as though Option 1 (max 5 kids) has all the ones who really should have been in Level 1, the ones who won't put their heads under the water. And the Option 2 class (at less than half the price) has 6 kids enrolled. Bad choice. But week 2 was better, and he seems to be making progress.

So in typical multitasking, I decide it will be a good time to get a playdate together for Benjamin - a friend to swim with while Christopher is busy in his lessons (and I'm trying a few laps to burn off my extra wine and cheese consumption). Week 3 goes well, and I organize week 4.

Reality intrudes. The boys decide - on Sunday afternoon, while I'm trying to read (a rare event these days) and David is napping on the couch - to play doctor by investigating each other's ears. Christopher comes downstairs in floods of tears, clutching his ear. So no future medical careers...

One doctor's visit later, I am thoroughly impressed by the design of the human body. Why else would the ear canal be s-shaped than to avoid serious damage from small doctor-playing-boys? Anyway, no serious damage, but no swimming for a few days either...

Which leads to a playdate at home, with 4 boys.... still wondering how the house survived.

We'll try it again next week!

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