Monday, May 03, 2010

Rid the on Luk God

The boys were playing go-cart (Benjamin, Christopher, and Luke, who also speaks English). They drew out a track with chalk, and we were mystified by the message they wrote at the start.


Of course, when we read it from the other way... it became God Luk on the Rid, or Good Luck on the Ride. Much better.

And then today, Luke and Christopher were drawing a castle.

"How do you write CASTLE?" Christopher asks, and then sounds it out. K-A-S-L.
"Well, not quite," I reply.
"I know," says Luke. "K-A-S-O-L" so Christopher adds a tiny O between the S and L.
"Sorry guys - it's C-A-S-T-L-E", I say.
And Christopher puzzles over that one for a good long time, sounding it out in various ways, trying to make castle be... well... castle.
Then he adds "NU" and "GEAM" (new and game)... Then that was just too much and they ran outside to play.

Oh the joys of English!

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