Thursday, May 06, 2010

Three Desserts per Week...

Dessert seems to be an issue at our house, as in why we don't have it every night. So we decided that a max of three would be allowed for the week (which translates in kid-speak to at least three, and possibly more if the logic can be argued - like does it count if we are at someone else's house for dinner, do "lördags godis" (Saturday candy) count, etc). And to try to get some cooperation from the masses, we allowed them to plan the final dessert of the first week (the third dessert, if you don't count the two we had at other peoples' houses and the candy on Saturday).

So with Benjamin leading the charge, we had a banana split day - one big plate, three spoons.

Which brings back memories of our high school dating days, and Swensons ice cream parlor. David and I used to go there and order an "earthquake" to share - 14 different scoops of ice cream, 14 different toppings, one giant bowl, two spoons. And we survived, so I'm sure our kids will too!

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