Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attack of the Giant Tomatoes

"Mom, if it come-ed a big tomato..." says Christopher. And here I am, imagining vegetable attacks... But then I realize that he really means "tornado" and that no matter how many times I correct him, it's still tomato...

So at dinner the other night, Christopher looks up sadly. "Ronaldinho is dead," he says. "What?" David and I look at each other, wondering if we have missed the news lately - that something has happened to one of the best football/soccer players...
"Why do you think he's dead?" we ask.
"Cause he's a lim-ah-dission," he says. "Lim-ah-dission?"
And then we realize that Christopher's latest passion, collecting football cards, has inspired this conversation, and Ronaldinho is indeed a Limited Edition... but not dead.

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