Thursday, April 19, 2007

SSL - Swedish as a Second Language (Your Tax Kronor at Work)

Just had Christopher's utvecklingssamtal, and all is great at dagis... well, almost. He loves going, has a great time with his friends, and plays hard all day. He has left some of the "trots-ålder" behavior behind, so he is more cooperative, and less prone to testing every limit. Happy, cute, extremely adept at coloring within the lines - the good news.

Of course, with the good comes the BUT... He says only a few simple words in Swedish (and his English is no great shakes, either). Progress was evident up until Christmas, but since then, he hasn't made any linguistic headway. Of course, he has clued in that his teachers understand when he speaks English, so he doesn't really have to try that hard to make himself understood in Swedish, and he plays a lot with Aleksander, who also speaks English. The dagis will request assistance for him (and others) next year - and we already have assistance for Benjamin (and others) in his group.

What is it about our boys? At 18 months, Annika ended up on the local radio station, saying her name and that her favorite radio station was "Mix Megapol". Christopher, if asked his name, answers "Cwiss" or "Cowboy" since - at nearly 4 years old! - he still can't say Christopher. Benjamin, despite hours of speech therapy exercises with pictures - "He helps her" or "He is carrying her" - turns to his friend and says, "Honom slog henne!", translated "Him hit she". Every Swedish sentence he utters begins with the subject "Honom" (him). I took consolation while potty training (late) that kids don't go to first grade in diapers. I will now try to gain consolation from the fact that by the age of 18, most people can master some semblance of grammatical correctness in their mother tongue.

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