Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Skiing... and a Knee Brace

Another weekend of skiing - and an awesome time with the kids. The snow quality was marginal, kind of like skiing in a swimming pool at times, but the kids were troopers. David and I felt a little bit guilty for putting the kids in all-day ski school... but not too guilty. We enjoyed skiing together, something we haven't done in years, and the kids were happy. We generally skied until 1, had a leisurely lunch in the sun, and then relaxed on the balcony until it was time to pick up the kids. I asked Annika what she was working on, expecting "parallel" or "turns" in response. "Skiing backwards and taking jumps" was her response - at least they are having fun!

Of course, we had visions of family skiing holidays, when we all skied together. This year, Christopher is a bit too slow, and not safe for steep slopes. But next year may be the end of our vision - the last year when David and I can reasonably expect to keep up with our children. I'm afraid that after that, the kids will be waiting at the bottom, and when David and I arrive, panting and aching, they will say, "Come on, Mom and Dad - what took you so long? We're tired of waiting!"

Anyway, the whole long weekend went "swimmingly" except for one little blip - a fall Christopher took, on the last run (isn't it always?) of the third day. He twisted his knee, and was carried down. The next day, he refused to put any weight on it, and we took him in to the local emergency. Fortunately, 3-year-olds are still extremely flexible and not inclined to have ligament tears. He received a tiny leg brace (which hasn't slowed him down a bit - as proved by his trying to scale the passport control booth at the airport) which he actually wants to wear. Hopefully in a week...

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