Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Silly Pirate (by Benjamin)

(as dictated to me)

One time a silly pirate was very funny. And he had two eye patches on his eyes.

And then do you know what happened? A little boy walked along and when he saw a bunny he said, “Stop!”

And then do you know what happened? It was very fun that a man just walked along with the boy and then the man started to cry and then because he didn’t see his boy, but they were holding hands but then he looked around and he saw his boy holding his hand and it was so fun.

And they were in the dungeon the whole time and then a big, big bomb went on to the boat because they were fighting and they were singing, “I iho hi o ho a wa mie o” and they were singing so loud!

Then it started a big bomb “Boom!” It was the Indians shooting at the pirates. The pirates were shooting at the Indians. Then they threw a humongous bomb and the pirate hurt himself and then one of the Indians said, “Sorry!”

And then they were super happy and they were friends with the Indians together.

The End

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