Saturday, May 03, 2008

Battle of the Brains

After a gorgeous May 1st holiday, the next day (squeeze-day Friday) wasn't so great weather-wise. After joining the hoardes of Americans at the embassy to get Christopher's passport renewed (apparently we weren't the only ones with the idea), the kids and I trooped over to Tekniska Museet.
We tried our hands - or heads - at a new exhibit that measures brain waves. The trick is to be as focused as possible, and as calm as possible, so that your resulting brain waves will move the ball across the table to your opponent. I thought I was awesome when I got the ball on my end the first few times, but before I declared myself the champion, I looked again at the rules and realized that I had lost to Annika - three times! Annika turned out to be the champion, soundly defeating even Christopher, who nearly fell asleep he was so concentrated.
Of course, the kids had the most fun being human guinea pigs in the giant wheel...and Annika especially loved the photo booth that made her look like a bizarre space alien.

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