Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Mom, has it already been summer?"

We have had a week of absolutely stellar weather - "strĂ¥lande" as they say here. We went from mud to sun almost overnight, and we have thrown off the snowsuits and put on shorts instead. Of course, it is still May, and the forecast for next week is for more of the jackets... but we will take what we can get.

The kids and I have had a wonderful weekend - two days outside with swinging, fishing (with no hooks - strange that we didn't catch anything, but we won't point that out to Benjamin who was sure the fish were nibbling on his line), pic-nic-ing, playing football/soccer, biking, jumping rope, jumping on the trampoline, building/destroying forts in the forest, and just generally hanging out in the sun.

The highlights were:
  • Annika and I managed to play soccer together for nearly two hours without her getting frustrated. I might even be getting a bit better...
  • Benjamin got to fish, after asking about it each and every day of the whole, long winter. Despite a solitary venture to the harbor on Saturday evening (without my knowledge!), we managed to make a more organized fishing mission on Sunday, complete with life jacket.
  • Christopher and I took a bike/run together, which was great fun, great fitness, and pretty much wore us out!
  • The threesome played nicely together for two days in a row at the same park, taking turns doing tricks and "giving fart" on the dish-swing.
  • Benjamin got a new bike - after hours of research on the internet, trying to find exactly what I/he wanted (me - 20 inch, foot brake, 3 gears; him - light blue).
Of course, as I mentioned to the gang that next week's weather might be somewhat cooler than today's balmy 25 C (80ish F), Benjamin - with his gap-smile - asked in all seriousness, "Mom, has it already been summer?"

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