Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Cabbage Problem

I would like to do my part to save the world. Of course, driving around in our mini-van probably isn't helping... so when I heard about Ă…rstiderna (, fresh ecological produce delivered to your door, I signed up. I even relished the challenge of using the weekly recipies to find new family favorites.

Now for the reality. I can always manage to get through the kilo of carrots, and with planning, can make the two kilos of potatoes disappear. The occasional cucumber and bell pepper are gone before they even make it to the fridge. Apples - easy peasy. But then there are those mysterious black roots that look like dirt, that have to be cleaned and then soaked with lemon so they won't look like dirt again...

And then there's the Cabbage. I don't mind cabbage, really, I don't. But every week? I never knew there were so many different kinds. In my fridge right now, we have the past months' leftovers - a roundish pale cabbage, a pointy green cabbage, a purple and green cabbage, and half of a greenish one. Yes, folks - half a cabbage a month is about my consumption rate, but the delivery seems to be weekly.

Last week, I switched to a different box - more ready-to-eat veggies and less cabbage (I hope). We'll see how we do!

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