Friday, July 18, 2008

Benjamin's Day

Benjamin got to spend a day and a night at camp to check it out. From all reports, it went really well. He did low ropes, fishing (and caught a fish!), soccer... and I'm not sure what else. He did the ropes with Annika, and enjoyed seeing her. I especially love the pics of soccer (courtesy of Rob, Benjamin in green) when he really goes for it, despite the fact that most of the other kids are twice his size.

His only difficulties were in changing his shirt and taking a shower. I am quite sure he would happily spend two weeks at camp in the same shirt. He did, however, help clean the cabin. I'm not sure I would believe it myself if I hadn't seen the evidence!

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Unknown said...

Again I spent a few hours reading and laughing out loud with your stories :) I know how much fun the kids are having over there.. Missing them. Btw, your pic on the site is a hit. take care leo.