Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Girl Who Knows What She Wants... or not

Annika got to be a big girl and eat dinner with the grown-ups - Gail (my friend from Texas), Gina (Gail's 18-year-old daughter) and Teresa (Gina's best friend), me and David. Our visitors had heard about the Ice Bar, so we had to try it out. It was actually really fun, except my feet kept freezing to the floor, and it felt like I was walking on tape. We were issued warm capes for the event, and received our drinks (juice or vodka-juice) in glasses made of ice. Cheezy? You bet! Fun? Absolutely (or Absolut-ly).

Then dinner at Berns, which didn't turn out to be nearly as Swedish as we had intended. The restaurant is still notable for the fantastic decor, but Asian? Well, we enjoyed it anyway. For dessert, Annika and I ordered the same - something banana with vanilla ice cream. One bite each and we were convinced that vanilla it was not, so we asked the waitress. She investigated and reported back that the kitchen had run out of vanilla, and they thought to substitute something historical/traditional (yucky) instead, hoping we wouldn't notice. Annika was suitably unimpressed, so the waitress offered to comp the desserts and bring her an ice cream of her choice - what would it be? Peach, rasberry, iced banana or ?? Annika then asked for a taste of each to help her decide - and look what she got! In the end, we weren't crazy about the food, but the waitress got high marks!

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