Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Bit Homesick

Annika has now been at camp for almost two weeks, and tonight - at midnight - she called home. Seems she has been a bit confused about what country we are in, and it also seems as though she hasn't received any of the mail we have sent. Can you imagine? Two weeks of - sniff - mail call and - sniff - nothing - sniff - nothing - for you? Well, all should be better this next week as all the letters and packages we have sent start arriving. Apparently she has to sing in front of everyone if she receives three in one day, so I hope her voice is in good form. Next year --- FedEx!

We did receive two letters from her, and found out that in her first week she did softball (how American!), wonder (I wonder what that is...), nature, yoga (never would have guessed) and cooking. This week she is doing "cheer" - and really enjoying it. Just so she doesn't make it a career choice! Her English spelling is still very Swedish - "ples sej hi to the bojs"

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