Sunday, August 17, 2008

Everyone (and Everything) on Holiday

Yes, we have had a wonderful holiday - and a long one. The five of us were either together - or individually - in four countries (including the US) and five of the US states. The blog was on holiday (though not the camera), even though I did manage a couple of camp-related updates.

Even our house took a holiday... unfortunately. The alarm, which was fixed just before holiday, went on the fritz again... the car battery went on holiday and never came back... and the electricity also decided to take a holiday. Yep - the whole house was "dark" for at least a week. Our two fridges were beyond disgusting, with spoiled food that resembled a science project gone bad.

David and I should really learn our lesson. Every time we end an overseas trip with a taxi ride where we discuss who will sleep when, we come home to a domestic disaster. At least this time the house wasn't frozen - just smelly. So, instead of getting quick naps and work done, I started in on the fridges, filling the trash can with a stench guaranteed to keep neighbors away, and David walked to the grocery store (no car) and bought the bare essentials.

By the way, in the process of cleaning (and cleaning), I disassembled every part of both of our fridges. The new one must have more than 50 various shelves, drawers, sliding pieces, doors, ice making devices, etc. The old one? About three shelves. Progress? Uncertain. Chance of getting it all reassembled again? Uncertain.

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