Saturday, August 23, 2008


New Year's resolutions don't really work for me. Christmas is so busy and the new year is always a bit of a chance to relax so I'm not quite ready to get excited about new goals. However, with a new school year starting, I'm ready for a challenge. So, here are my goals for the new year:
  • Ride my bike or walk more (and with the cost of a tank of gas, this one is highly motivated... though with three kids in three geographically dispersed schools...)
  • Do yoga once a week (really - it's only two blocks from the house, so how hard could that be?)
  • Walk to pick up Benjamin once a week (a quick 8 minute walk there, 25-30 minutes back because we have to check every puddle for signs of pond life - as if a fish might have rained down in the latest storm)
  • Play tennis with Annika once every two weeks (so far we have played once with great success, defined as no tears or tantrums)
  • Eat k├Âttbullar (meatballs - our staple) no more than once a week, same for spaghetti bolognese
  • Don't open my computer until the kids are in bed... even just to check e-mail... even if it only takes 2 minutes... not even once... well, maybe just once...
  • Turn off the TV and the kids computer during the week - no more electronic babysitters!
  • Get the kids to start helping around the house with defined weekly chores (a need which was made clear to me when Annika was asked to help load the dishwasher and she rolled her eyes and asked, "What do you think I am - some kind of servant?"

Whew. It all starts on Monday. And I have just looked at the schedule and with three kids, each with 1-2 activities, we are booked solid.

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