Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Nine-Year Old!

Annika turned 9 today - our last year of single digits.

What she didn't get for her birthday: a mobile phone. She has been begging for one for months, and goes to the phone store every time we are at the shopping center just to check out the latest pink and purple models. She even roped Benjamin into the asking process, so that we had two begging for a phone for her. However, we have discussed it at length, and a mobile is not just some fun toy to play games on or to use to SMS her friends. She will get one when she needs one.

What she did receive:
  • a loudspeaker for her iPod so that she can dance in her room
  • some clothes for her Build-a-Bear
  • a Klutz book she has had her eye on for ages
  • a Room-Mates fish border so that she can cover up the babyish Noah's Ark wallpaper border in her room
  • Toobs of Whales & Sharks and Horses, espeically chosen by Benjamin

Annika's current career choice would be rock star and/or famous actress, somewhat along the lines of Hannah Montana, Vanessa Hudgens or Amy Diamond. We have discussed that perhaps some interest in music (other than her iPod) would help... But anyway, as luck would have it, Amy Diamond was doing a show for Kids Day at the local mall. Ellen and Annika were right up front, though a bit to one side to have a great view, but Annika is sure that Amy Diamond waved right to her one time.

A few stats on our adorable daughter:

  • Grade: 3rd
  • Favorite book: Spiderwick
  • Favorite TV show: Zack and Cody
  • Favorite actress: Vanessa Hudgens
  • Favorite school subject: math
  • Favorite toy: Build-a-Bear

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