Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Blunt Instrument (aka Annika)

Annika is nothing if not persistent. Dogged. Tenacious. Relentless. If she wants something, anything, it can be pure torture to say no. And my name is NOT "But Mamma..." Right now, the object of desire is a membership in Disney's latest online craze, PanFu. "It's educational - I can learn Spanish", "I can pay for it with my allowance", "I will trade in my Club Penguin membership", "The Panda pets are cuter than the Penguin pets" - all arguments in favor. Though none of the above can explain to me why I should shell out $6 a month so that she can spend even more time in front of the computer, a place where I would rather she not be.

That said, she has begun to realize the shortcomings of her status as a bilingual/bicultural kid in a world that doesn't understand her. (Welcome to the club... and pause for a moment while I call Visa to get my card turned back on after too many "foreign" charges). "Mamma, you know that I have to get two pandas on PanFu... If I have my English panda, I can't meet my friends because English pandas aren't allowed on the Swedish servers." Great. Now I can be badgered for a mere $12 a month...

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