Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Working Out

Sunday was a horrible day - wind and rain, and nothing you really wanted to be out in. We went to our favorite hamnkrog (which is still open for coffee) and watched them winch boats out of the water to "sleep" for the winter. But the trip to and from the car was like a cold shower. So while David took Annika and Benjamin to the museum, Christopher (still contagious with strep throat) and I stayed behind. What to do?

Well, first we went to my office/warehouse so I could count shelves and figure out how many more to order from IKEA. I was done in five minutes, but Christopher had so much fun moving boxes around that we stayed for a while. (Needless to say, we had a hard time finding a few of the products to ship out on Monday...)

Then back to the house, where Christopher declared he wanted to exercise. I tried doing a Pilates video, but no luck. "I do own!" was the wish, so we proceeded to stretch and move in our own unique ways. I concentrated on getting "better" and yoga, if that's possible for a non-competitive sport, and Christopher concentrated on... well... he kept himself busy in any case. His favorite exercise involved balancing hand weights on his shoulders and walking around the house. At least we got the blood flowing!

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