Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Riding and Weather

We had a great break in Switzerland. The holiday started with balmy temps - almost warm enough to get out the shorts. Then, in the middle of the week, everything changed and we woke up to a couple of feet of snow.
All the kids tried riding, and all seemed to enjoy it. The school is so different from what we have in Sweden... in Sweden Annika can do no wrong, but here, the teacher yells at her and makes her really work. I personally think a balance would be good, but since we only have the two extremes, Annika will have to find her way herself. This time she got to gallop a lot - something she has been a bit afraid of in Sweden - and she didn't seem to mind the yelling.

Benjamin got to ride around in circles and work on getting the rhythm of the trot. Fortunately his lesson was only a half hour - he didn't quite get it and it was pretty bouncy.

Christopher got his own "lesson" on Waikiki, one of the roundest and shortest ponies I have ever seen. David got the dubious honor of leading him around, and Christopher was thrilled.

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