Thursday, May 07, 2009


At dinner this evening, Annika informed us that she had broken up with her boyfriend today. News to me - I didn't even know she had a boyfriend. Of course, she haughtily informed us - "I've had three". The first one I knew about - a neighbor that she played with from time to time. Then it was a 2-day relationship with a boy in her class, and now, the mysterious number three. So mysterious, in fact, that she couldn't even remember HIS NAME - just some guy in second grade, and the relationship lasted a total of 24 hours... or less. 

The breaking up part is getting easier, she tells us. The first one was hard, but now she just says, "I break up. We can still be friends." and all is fine. 

Benjamin then informed us that one of the girls chases him and William around, trying to - horrors - kiss them on the cheek. So far, they've been lucky to escape without... what? Injured pride? 

Which all brings back memories... I think I chased a few boys during my elementary school years, and I'm positive I "went steady" with every boy in my class sometime before the end of 6th grade. My mom just didn't get it - "going steady" to her meant something just shy of an engagement ring, but at 10 (or 11, 9 or 12) you're still just getting used to the terminology. So my current strategy is just to listen and enjoy. I'm sure I'll be reporting a case of the cooties soon!

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