Sunday, May 31, 2009

Planning Ahead

I'm that mom... the only mom at the park without cookies, the only one who's kids don't have water bottles at sports practice, the one without tissues or wipes... Well, sometimes I'm a good mom.

Annika went on her school overnight to a camping-in-a-tent kind of place. We got some packing suggestions - extra clothes, sleeping bag, "underställ" (which I took to mean a sleeping bag pad, but which apparently meant long underwear to sleep in), hat and swimsuit. Being a former boy scout (ok, explorer), I added to her list - towel, bug repellent, sunblock - and she came up with iPod speakers and flashlight on her own.

So the result? She was plenty warm given her Arctic quality backpacking sleeping bag (mine) and didn't really need the "underställ" that I didn't pack - and she was comfy since she had the sleeping bag pad that she didn't really need. And her bug repellent and sun block came back empty, since she was the only one who thought of it. And she even got kudos for the flashlight. "Wow, your mom plans ahead!" was the comment from one of the other moms. Yes.

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