Friday, June 05, 2009

Before and After

Annika has wanted long hair - and has been growing it out for the past three years. Every haircut has been an ordeal of just how little the hairdresser can clip. Brushing her long hair is also an ordeal, and every couple of days she chooses to get in the shower with a handful of conditioner (a bucketload?) and a brush to get out all the tangles. (Of course, this leaves the floor of the shower feeling something like a skating rink for the next one in line...)

And hair, in my book, is something that always grows back. Any decisions about it are hers to make, and if she truly wants to die it green and shave parts of it - though I would in no way be thrilled - at least it is not a tattoo!

But last week she decided that she wanted it shorter, RIGHT NOW, of course. I booked her a time, but with the end of school fast approaching, appointments are hard to come by. Her time is booked next week... but we were at the mall and went by the walk-in place where RIGHT NOW was an option, and voila!

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